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About us

Our company LA TIENDA – M. PAPANASTASIOU & Co, based in Athens since 1996, is a familly company engaged in the import of food from all over the world the promotion, marketing and distribution to companies that are active in the area of wholesale food market, super markets, restaurants, catering, mini market and hotels. We provide our clients with a significant range of products, including the raw materials necessary for the Oriental and Latinamerican cuisine. Our company has been Certified MB TRADA ISO 22000:2005 for Import and Trade prodcuts, including receipt, storage and distribution.

In the last 12 years we have been making big efforts in order to reach every greek fammily and at the same time provide them with the most well known high standar quality prodcuts. Providing the greek markets for nearly 15 years, we can happily confirm that many oriental products has become part of their every day menu. We also try to introduce to the Greek community all the tendencies launched worldwide in the food market sector.

We supply from wholesale to retail and ethnic supermarkets to mom-and-pop stores throughout Greece, regardless of ethnicity and origin we maintain a high standard of customer service and respect for individual values.

All our products are duly legalized and nationalized with their respective certifications HACCP, according with European Union regulations. The products we sell are very well known brands imported directly from the country of origin. We offer a broad assortment of about 1200 products of outstanding quality brands, mostly from Asia.

Porcelain, Kitchenware, Decoration, The best quality Rice, from Thailand and Vietnam, big variety of Noodles, Instant Noodles, Flour and Starch, Coco and its derivates, Seasoning & Spices, a huge variety of Sacues, Oil & Vinegar, Canned Preserved Fruits and Vegetabels, Dried and Frozen prodcuts, a big variety of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs from Thailand, Chinese vegetables, tropical fruit from South America and China.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are arriving every Monday and delivered directly to our customers around Greece, through an extensive distribution network and an efficient logistic planning. On a weekly basis new products are listed to our clients by mail.