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Aji Panca seco

Article Number : 50.090.040
Unit/Weight : 100g
Brand : Goya
Country : Peru
Ají panca, Peruvian red pepper, is a variety of Capsicum baccatum (a chili pepper) grown in Peru and used in Peruvian cuisine. It is very mild and if deseeded and deveined is considered to have no heat but is instead used for its flavor and color.
Aji panca is hot but not fiery. It's got just a touch of smoke, and it's sweet.  After grinding, it can be stirred into sauces.When whisked with lime juice it's the perfect dressing for some cubed avocado. Put that on toast and you have one favorite breakfast.

energy 366ckal, fat 10g, saturated 0g, carbohydrate 56g, sugar 0g, protein 13g, salt 0g