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Bojenmi Tea

Bojenmi Tea
Article Number : 17.300.010
Unit/Weight : 2,2Gr
Brand : Other
Country : China

Bojenmi Tea

Bojenmi tea has been used in China to promote weight loss since the 1980s. The Chinese name for the product is Baojianmei Jianfei Cha, which means "maintain health and nice appearance, reduce fleshiness tea." The tea is based on an ancient herbal concoction called Baohe Wan, which means "maintain harmony." The formula for Baohe Wan was first recorded in A.D. 1481.

 Bojenmi tea is made with tea leaves from the Fujian Province of China. These leaves are 50 percent of the product. The rest is an extract of other herbs, which is sprayed on the tea leaves. These herbs include crataegus, malt, pharbitis, pogostemon, hoelen, citrus, alisma, cassia, phaseolus, shen-chu and raphanus. Each herb was chosen for the role it plays in digestion or cleansing the body.



Bojenmi tea promotes weight loss by increasing digestion and moving foods through the body. It has somewhat of a laxative effect, so it can help ease constipation. The tea leaves in the product help reduce blood lipids, and the herbs used stimulate digestion, reduce water retention and increase bowel function.

 If you drink Bojenmi tea in place of regular black tea or coffee, you get the benefit of a soothing, hot drink without any caffeine.


You can buy Bojenmi tea either loose or in tea bags. In either case, you prepare it by steeping the leaves in boiling water for three or four minutes. If you're using it for weight loss, the recommended dosage is 3 to 6 grams (one or two tea bags) three times a day. You can add a small amount of sugar or sweetener if the taste is too bitter for you. Most people report the tea has a mild taste, almost like black tea, with a bit of spiciness.