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Chinkiang Vinegar

Chinkiang Vinegar
Article Number : 11.310.030
Unit/Weight : 600Gr
Brand : Gold Plum
Country : Vietnam

Chinkiang Vinegar  is a major brand of black rice vinegar originating from the city of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, China.

 It has five notable properties and characteristics: color, fragrance, acid, alcohol, and density. It is made by adding acetic acid and bacteria to glutinous rice, its main ingredient. It then undergoes three steps: alcohol fermentation, acetic fermentation and vinegar rinsing


   Black rice vinegar is very popular in southern China, where Chinkiang vinegar, the best of the black rice vinegars, is made. Normally black rice vinegar is made with glutinous or sweet rice, although millet or sorghum may be used instead. Dark in color, it has a deep, almost smoky flavor. One word of warning: the quality of black rice vinegars varies strongly. I once tried a brand where the caramel and sugar overpowered all the other flavors. Gold Plum's Chinkiang vinegar, made with glutinous rice, water and salt, is generally considered to be the best. Black rice vinegar works well in braised dishes and as a dipping sauce. It can also serve as a substitute for balsamic vinegar.