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Instant Noodles Chicken Flavor (cup)

Article Number : 06.030.010
Unit/Weight : 60g
Country : Country
The cup contains the noodle block, a sachet of seasoning powder, a sachet of seasoning oil, a garnish pack and a plastic fork. The noodles are regular wheat flour noodles. They had a good texture and flavor after cooking for 3 minutes. Additionally, there was also a light buttery flavor to the noodles.
Open the lid, cut and put all soup base packs and noodles into the cup. Pour boiling water (350ml) up to the level inside cup for 3 minutes. Open the lid stir well and serve.
Energy per 100gr : 465kcl/1949kJ Fat:20.5g of which saturates  8.2g Carchohydrates: 59.5g of which sugars  3.0g Proteins: 9,7g Fiber: 1.7g Salt: 5.5g