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Jasmin rice longgrain AAA

Article Number : 04.010.030
Unit/Weight : 20kg
Brand : Orchidee
Country : Thailand
Jasmine rice: is sometimes known as Thai fragrant rice. It is a long grain variety of rice that has a nutty aroma and subtle pandan-leaves like flavor. Jasmine rice is originally from Thailand.There are hundreds of different varieties of rice grown worldwide, but most cooks only need to know a few basic ratios to cook rice perfectly. One cup of raw rice yields about three cups of cooked rice. Ingredients 100% perfumed Jasmine Rice
To cook long-grained white rice:
  • Put 1 cup of rice and 1½ cups of water in a small (one-quart) saucepan with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Bring the water to a boil over high heat. Steam should be coming out from under the lid; keep the pot covered and don't peek under the lid. (For novice rice cooks, a glass lid is a big help.)
  • Reduce the heat to very low. The rice grains swell as they absorb the water. If the temperature is too high, the bottom of the pan of rice can scorch while the top rice is still undercooked.
  • Set a timer for 20 minutes. When the timer rings, turn off the burner and remove the pan from the heat. Let the rice sit, covered, for an additional 5 minutes (and no peeking under the lid--the steam will escape).
  • Remove the lid and fluff the rice with a fork to separate the grains.
*For food safety reasons, rice should never be left out at room temperature longer than two hours.
Nutrition Facts Per 2 tbsp
Energy 160
Protein 3g
Carbohydrate36g 12%
OfwithSugars 0%
Fat 0%
Ofwithsaturates 0%
Fibre 4%
Sodium 0%
Cholesterol 0%
Vitamins A C - 0% 0%
Calcium 2%