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Rice Vermicelli Chao Ching

Article Number : 05.120.010
Unit/Weight : 400Gr
Brand : Chao Ching
Country : Spain
Rice Vermicelli Chao Ching 400gr
Cooking Rice Noodles: Whether fresh or dried, rice noodles need only enough cooking to heat them up - unless you want mush, which is sometimes actually the case. Dried: If the recipe calls for fresh, use half the weight dry. Soak in slightly warm water for at least 20 minutes if noodles are very thin, or at least an hour if thicker. They can be held in the water for hours. Fresh: If the recipe calls for dry, use twice the weight in fresh. Separate the noodles well while still cool - there will be no time later. Boiling: Both fresh and soaked dry rice noodles need only a moment in boiling water if thin, and barely longer if thick. The way I do this is to have a strainer over a heatproof bowl or pot, drop the noodles into the boiling water, then immediately dump them out through the strainer. Water in the catch bowl can be returned to the pot if you need to do more noodles. Noodles are taken immediately from the strainer to the serving dish. Stir Fry: This is tricky because the noodles will start to stick to the pan immediately. Basically, you just stir them in with the other ingredients long enough to warm them up and coat them with sauce - then serve. Soaked dry noodles are a little easier to handle than fresh ones and thicker easier than thin.