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Straw Mushrooms

Article Number : 12.190.030
Unit/Weight : 42,5Gr
Brand : Narcissus
Country : China

 Straw mushroom  is a species of edible mushroom cultivated throughout East and Southeast Asia and used extensively in Asian cuisines. In Chinese, they are called cǎogū "straw mushroom", in the Philippines they are called kabuteng saging (mushroom from banana), in Thai they are called het fang , and in Vietnamese they are called nấm rơm, and in Cambodia they are called ផ្សិតចំបើង.

 They are often available fresh in Asia, but are more frequently found in canned or dried forms outside their nations of cultivation.

 Straw mushrooms are grown on rice straw beds and picked immature, during the button or egg phase and before the veil ruptures. They are adaptable and take four to five days to mature, and are most successfully grown in subtropical climates with high annual rainfall. No record has been found of their cultivation before the 19th century.



 Drain and rinse the canned mushroom thoroughly before using. Discard the fluid.

 Dried straw mushrooms require close examination. Make sure there are no insects present. The appearance and taste of the dried mushrooms are quite different from those of the canned varieties. Even after a cool-water rinse, their strong flavor persists.


 Experiment using unpeeled straw mushrooms in different dishes. Fluids held within the cocoon are released upon chewing, producing unusual flavors. Do not burn your mouth by eating them too hot, for the liquor inside retains the cooking heat. A slightly metallic "off taste" is found in some brands. Marinating with soy sauce and/or sherry helps to control this.

 The peeled variety is mildly tasteful, and it is a delightful surprise to find one hidden under a snow pea in your favorite stir-fry creation. Add canned or dried mushrooms to your dish near the end of the cooking period. They merely need heating for a few minutes before eating.


 If you don't use an entire can of mushrooms, store the remaining portion in fresh water; it will keep in the refrigerator for several days.