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Yellow Noodle

Yellow Noodles
Article Number : 05.200.015
Unit/Weight : 454Gr
Brand : Cock
Country : Thailand

These noodles have a bright yellow appearance, due to the yellow pigment in de the endosperm of wheat flour, as well as to the addition of alkaline salts (lye water or kansui). Alkaline salts contribute to a yellow color by detaching flavones from the starch and allowing there natural color to appear. Sometimes also colorants are mixed into the noodle dough, these may be of an artificial or natural origin.


Yellow noodle are appreciated because of their firm, chewy, springy texture. These textural properties come from high protein content of the flour. Carbonate salts restrict low-swelling properties of the starches from the wheat used. This leads to a retarded gelatinization and increases paste viscosity, while enzyme activity is inhibited.